compelled (adjective) – /kəmˈpeld/ – having to do something, because you are forced to or feel it is necessary

I am not looking for revenge, or to ruin my former lover. I am fully aware that I have hurt people. I don’t wish to hurt anyone further.

I am not looking for punishment. I don’t need your judgement. I face my own judgement every day when I look in the mirror.

I am not looking for validation. I don’t need to know your story, however similar it is to mine. I don’t need your understanding or empathy.

I’m not looking for redemption. My actions were unacceptable. I am aware of that. But, I know that I have grown from this, and therefore found my own redemption.

I am writing this because I felt compelled to tell the story. I wanted to set the story free… because not all secrets should be taken to the grave.

This is my story… the mistress’s story.


One comment

  1. And I am a betrayed. I also felt compelled to share the story…no names…no trying to destroy but only trying to understand myself. Her. Him. Please write. Please share and be honest. I promise to do the same.


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